The premiere will take place sunday October 16th at 8pm in Sala Sinopoli at Auditorium Parco della Musica

At Festa del Cinema in Rome, the national premiere of authorial short movie “The Last Call” to save the lion

“The Last Call”, directed by Brando Quilici, written by Marco Vichi and played by actor Giorgio Panariello, is part of the “I love lions” campaign, to raise awareness and fight the dramatic decline of the lions in Africa. Lions went from 200 thousand to 30 thousand in around 40 years, their extinction is feared (latest numbers provided by IUNC)

A national premier of “The Last Call” will take place at Festa del Cinema di Roma (16th october, Sala Sinopoli, 8pm), a short movie directed by documentarist Brando Quilici, written by author Marco Vichi e interpreted by actor Giorgio Panariello.

The movie, produced by Caffè Corsini, the official coffee at Festa del Cinema, with the patronage of National Geographic Italia, in collaboration with Aria Adv and LaMarzocco, is part of the campaign “I love lions” aimed at saving the lions in Africa.

In fact, following the data recently released by IUNC (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) the number of lions that populates savanas in Africa declined by 80%, changing from 200 thousand to 30 thousand in just 40 years due to legal and illegal hunting and the anthropization of the territories, confining the animals from the entire continent to only specific areas.

The last call will address the problem from the lion's point of view, the “king of the jungle” and symbol of virtues and positive qualities in many cultures. It will show the audience the paradox of how the living being that is threatening its survival – the man – is also the only one who is capable of helping it. Evocative images of the wonderful african landscapes, along with the text written by tuscan author Marco Vichi and played by the voice of Giorgio Panariello, will help the audience understand what's the real risk in Africa if countermeasures are not taken in time and in a concrete way. The movie poster is created by illustrator Andrea Mancini.

“I love lions” comes from an idea by Michele Pecchioli, communicator, photographer, reporter and owner of Aria Adv agency. Among his collaborations, famous names like Giò Pomodoro for Biennale di Venezia, Jannis Kounellis, Milo Manara, Andrzej Dragan, Paolo Sorrentino and Tiziano Terzani.

The campaign is connected to a fundraise forWIldlifeDirect (, a non governmental organization committed in the protection of the wildlife patrimony. There are several projects for the safeguard of the lions. Among these: the promotion of Richard Turere's invention, a kid from Kenya, who developed a simple system that uses intermittent lights to defend the fences of the domestica animals from the lions atacks; the education of the Nairobi Park audience through the monitoring and the cure of the lions in the park; the creation of a national registry of the Kenya lions in order to to create a database accessible for the public and a national television program, NTV Wild, which recounts the lion's life to raise awareness in the audience and to move beyonf the man-animal conflict.

Caffè Corsini, roastery directed by Patrick Hoffer, whose products are present in over 60 countries around the world, will be the official coffee at Festa del Cinema with several tasting booths, which will resemble savanas and the lion's habitat and that will be spread along the whole exposition area (open 9-24 everyday in the village, and also in Boscolo Exedra and at the Terme di Diocleziano for the international audiovisual market Mia).

“We have always been very close to the coffee-producing countries, particularly Kenya. And this is why we are so strongly committed to the “I love lions” campaign” says Caffè Corsini Presidente Patrick Hoffer.

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